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2024 PENSPEN Jobs | Oil & Gas Careers | UAE – UK



A Brief History of PENSPEN

From its inception in 1954, PENSPEN has been a beacon of progress and ingenuity in the oil and gas sector, evolving over the decades to become much more than a pipeline engineering company. Here, we delve into PENSPEN’s storied history, highlighting key milestones and achievements that not only shaped its trajectory but also made a significant impact on the industry at large.

Founding Vision and Global Expansion

Founded in 1954, PENSPEN was established with a vision to innovate and excel in pipeline and engineering solutions. This vision quickly set the stage for expansion beyond its initial footprint. By the 1960s, PENSPEN had embraced global opportunities, undertaking ambitious projects in the Middle East and Africa. Confronting complex challenges in diverse environments, PENSPEN began to leave its mark on the international stage, showcasing the versatility and adaptability that would come to define its operations.

Industry Leadership Through Innovation

During the 1980s, PENSPEN emerged as a leading name in pipeline integrity management. This period was marked by the adoption of pioneering technologies and methodologies that enhanced the safety, efficiency, and lifespan of pipeline networks worldwide. PENSPEN’s efforts in this area set new industry standards, emphasizing the importance of preserving the integrity of critical infrastructure.

The 1990s saw PENSPEN diversifying its portfolio to include gas distribution and the development of groundbreaking technology solutions. This expansion reflected PENSPEN’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the energy sector, leveraging its expertise to deliver comprehensive and forward-thinking services.

Embracing Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Entering the 2000s, PENSPEN continued to grow, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, where it expanded its services to encompass the burgeoning field of renewable energy. This strategic move underscored PENSPEN’s recognition of the changing energy landscape and its dedication to being at the forefront of these changes.

The 2010s were characterized by a focus on sustainability, with PENSPEN winning multiple awards for its eco-friendly practices. As the oil and gas industry grappled with environmental concerns, PENSPEN led by example, incorporating sustainability into its operations and influencing the sector’s approach to environmental stewardship.

Impact on the Oil and Gas Industry

PENSPEN’s legacy in the oil and gas industry is notable for several reasons. Through its pioneering work in pipeline engineering and integrity management, PENSPEN has contributed significantly to the safety and reliability of global energy networks. Furthermore, by diversifying into gas distribution and renewable energy, PENSPEN has played a crucial role in the sector’s evolution towards a more sustainable and diversified energy mix.

Careers at PENSPEN: A Legacy of Job Opportunity in UAE, UK, USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

Beyond its technical and environmental contributions, PENSPEN has also been a fertile ground for careers in oil and gas. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and global operations, PENSPEN offers professionals a chance to engage with cutting-edge projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. Whether it’s through developing new technology solutions, managing the integrity of sprawling pipeline networks, or leading the way in renewable energy, a career at PENSPEN is an opportunity to be at the forefront of the energy sector’s future.

Job Description:

  • Company Name: Penspen International Ltd
  • Job Location: U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, USA, UK, USA
  • Salary: Depending Upon Position
  • Education: Equivalent High School/Diploma or Degree
  • Experience: Freshers & Experienced
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Benefit: Excellent
  • Gender: Any
  • Nationality: Any

List of Available Vacancies at PENSPEN in 2024

We know you are looking for a job post that best suits you to work at PENSPEN. We have got you covered. Following is a comprehensive list of the latest job vacancies available at PENSPEN. You can check them all and select your preferred one.

We have made it easier for you to get detailed information about every job title below by placing a relevant link on it. Just click and you will be redirected to the official page where you can have all the necessary information about the job. Also, you will be able to apply for the job from that same page. Let’s break it down…

Job TitleLocation
Senior Project EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Procurement EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Planning EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
QA/QC EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Junior Engineer – PipelineUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer – PipingUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Civil DesignerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Civil EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Junior Material & Corrosion EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Sr. Energy Optimization EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Telecom EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
PMC Senior HSE Engineers/Advisor-OffshoreUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Quality EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Contracts EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
PMC Senior EngineersUAE- Abu Dhabi
HSE Site AdvisorUAE- Abu Dhabi
Planning SpecialistUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer – Mechanical (Rotary)UAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Commissioning I&C EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Commissioning I&C EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Structural EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Sr. Electrical EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Marine SpecialistUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Planning & Project Controls EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Engineer Interface- Arabic SpeakerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer MetallurgyUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer Process SafetyUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer Cost ControlUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer ProcurementUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer TelecomUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Engineer (I&C)UAE- Abu Dhabi
Designer – Instrumentation & ControlUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Pipeline Integrity EngineerUAE- Abu Dhabi
Senior Controls & Instrumentation EngineerUK – Scotland
Senior Pipeline EngineerUK – Scotland
Senior Process Engineer – Oil and Gas / RenewablesUK – Scotland
Cost Estimation EngineerSaudi Arabia – Khafji
FEED & Technical Leader (Engineering Manager)Saudi Arabia – Khafji
Senior Cost Estimation EngineerSaudi Arabia – Khafji
Senior Loss Prevention EngineerSaudi Arabia – Khafji


PENSPEN’s journey from a small pipeline engineering company to a global leader in the oil and gas sector is a testament to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. As PENSPEN continues to pave the way in energy solutions, its legacy serves as an inspiring blueprint for the future of the industry.

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